Roasted Sweet Corn

with a natural broth and seasonal squash, add meat upon request


Hominy Stew   

Hominy is simmered with buffalo beef or pork or chicken in broth with green or red chilli light spicy .


Salmon Stew 

Beautiful chunks of salmon cooked into seasonal vegetables broth   


Buffalo Blueberry Stew  

Wild blueberries with buffalo meat and vegetables


Rosemary Roasted Chicken 

Slow roasted chicken cooked to perfection with fresh rosemary and lemon


Sage Mushroom on Buffalo  

Slow cooked buffalo steak cooked to perfection topped with a savory fresh sage mushroom sauce


Slow Roasted Lamb with Green Chilli

Lamb roast cooked to perfection with green chillies


Kickapoo Chilli with Red Chilli and Hominy

Hominy cooked in beef roasted with red chillies


Dried Cherry Sauce Turkey Breast

Roasted turkey breast  topped with a savory dried cherry sauce


Whole Salmon Stuffed with Red Lake Wild Rice


Grilled Acorn Squash  Slices with Drilled Maple


Rosemary Eggplant 

Roasted eggplant with fresh rosemary lemon


Butternut Squash Mixed

Savory butternut squash sauce topped over slices of peppers, onions and fresh rosemary

Bison Blueberry Meatballs
Warm blueberry sauce with fresh bison


Sweet Corn with Butternut Squash with Sage Honey Dressing (Summer Menu)

Seasonal mixed lettuce


Sweet Potato Salad 

Roasted served cold with chives, rosemary, cranberries and walnut


Three Sisters Salad or Soup

Red beans, squash, corn and hint of rosemary


Roasted Pumpkin Salad (Fall Menu)

Fresh steamed pumpkin with fresh mixed greens, beautiful poached beets, green apples, a touch of pumpkin oil, and honey dressing


Glazed Maple Salmon Served on Sweet Mashed Potatoes



Wild Rice Fritters with Zucchini 

Fresh Salmon Cake with Berry Sauce

Blueberry Salmon Dip on Cucumber

Grilled Rosemary Chicken Kabobs

Grilled Buffalo Kabobs (pre-order on request)

Three Sisters Salad

Buffalo Meatballs Served with Berry Sauce

Black Bean Hominy Dip

Sweet Corn Salsa with Blue Corn Chips

Green Chili Hominy Dip

Bacon Wrapped Dates 

Red Lake Wild Rice with Cranberries Light Chives



Native Berry pudding  

Mixed Berries in a savory sauce choice of cream and mint topped


Native Pudding (Fall Menu)

Butternut squash with cream and maple


Pine Nut Cookies 

Baked with roasted pine nuts


Apple and Honey 

Slow oven roasted with walnuts


Mini Fruit Blue Corn Cakes 


Acorn Chocolate Cake

Topped with fresh berry sauce


Acorn Banana Bread

Crystal has a shining personality and has made major strides in achieving her dreams. She is a perfect example of Native American Health Center's holistic approach to health: she has engaged in a mix of our Clinical Services, Community Wellness services, Youth Services, and Traditional Services


-- Native American Health Center